Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Bio

In 2003, I was bedridden for over a month due to severe arthritis. That's when God gave me the creativity to design: the BeadWired Cross + the BeadWired Star-Of-David.  

My favorite beads are from vintage necklaces ~ their unique!  If you have the beads... I'll wire them.

BeadWired is a "not-for-profit ministry" aimed @ giving.  It's for the Glory of God that I make the Cross & the Star-Of-David.  I have started a project named: "Make a Cross ~ Give a Cross".  

My goal is to teach people (ie. sunday school, community centres, children's hospitals, summer camps, etc.) to make the BeadWired artwork and bless others (all around the world) with the gift of giving. the more the better to spread the Love. If you'd like to help, let me know.

I have posted my simple BeadWired:Cross Instructions.

Thanks for visiting.

God bless! Priscilla.

ps: My goal is to post in the near future, my instructions for my complex BeadWired:Star-of-David Art. i will soon post more pictures of the many BeadWired Art. Thanks for your interest.

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